Ranch of Hope Church (NY) – Doubles Food Distribution

Bless the Lord oh my soul and all that is within me, bless His holy name! Greetings to my Full Gospel brothers and sisters in Christ. God has been so good to us here at the Ranch of Hope Community Church here in upstate NY. We have been hard pressed and stretched in every way imaginable as all of you have since Covid 19 hit us. All I can say is 2 words, “but God”!

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Full Gospel Assemblies and Phrear School of Theology Welcome Full Gospel Clergy to Leadership Positions

The year of 2020 is proving to be a year of preparation for the mighty move of God ahead. Pastor Simeon Strauser, Chairman of Full Gospel Assemblies opened this year with a January call to leadership and clergy, for a focus on prayerful consideration for the new era that is before the church fellowship world-wide. It was then with a prophetic declaration, the word of the Lord was declared throughout the Fellowship: you are a part of the beautiful army of God that is being called to bring the good news and tidings, proclaiming peace and salvation (Is. 52:7). Within the days, weeks, and months following, all mankind began to be touched in one manner or another with the challenges of navigating the changes of everyday life before us.

For every church, every ministry, every clergy and every parishioner, God is truly calling for the children of God to rise as an army to take the gospel to those who are without Christ; to those who are in need of strengthening in the physical and spiritual; and to those families and communities who have lost precious loved ones touched by the raging storm of the coronavirus. There is no time greater than today for the proclaiming of the peace and salvation of our Lord God Almighty! The opportunities abound as never before. Whether it be by in-person or by social media platforms, we are finding that the ministry of the Church is continuing and flourishing as buildings are closed or are limited in use. FG churches, ministry and clergy are now utilizing all means available, and by the grace of God, are reaching the four corners of mankind for the Lord Jesus! 

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