Project 10-16


Before Jinkie Alacar became part of Project 10-16,  she thought that her desire to achieve her goals will end by the time she finishes high school in Quirino province, the Philippines. Though she is the youngest among three siblings, she felt the pressure to provide her family with a better life by getting work after finishing her studies. Her parents worked hard but their earnings were not sufficient for her continued schooling.

In 2018, Jinkie became one of the eldest recipients under the Project 10-16 program sponsored by Pastors Simeon & Marissa Strauser. Since its inception, Project 10-16 has provided financial support where most needed to dozens of children and youth just like Jinkie, resident of the Philippines and Malawi.  Not only does Project 10-16 provide hope through supplying the basic material needs, but through regular communications and pastoral interaction, it  provides for young beneficiaries like Jinkee to have encounters with Jesus and to experience the great love of God…. Read the full personal testimony of Jinkie as she pursues her state sponsored college programs.

Jinkie’s letter of thanks!


Filipino students, receiving your generous sponsorship through Project 10-16, sent us their handwritten letters of thanks.

On the left is Jesrille Brito’s letter of thanks and his photo while studying. On the right is Arvin Magsino and his letter.

Letter from Jesrille:

” Good day! How are you and your family?..How is your country? I hope that the Lord will guide you, and His protection will keep you safe from misfortune. I hope your family is living peacefully. I am cheerful while I’m writing this letter to give you thanks for your kindness on helping me. It is true that your support [brought] great convenience in my life. Thank you for helping me inspite of the crisis. I am thankful for your generosity. I am praying for your strength, good health and protection from God…THANK YOU A LOT!”

Letter from Arvin:

“I hope and pray you’re in good health always. I pray to God to bless you always. I am very thankful because I have a mommy and a daddy like you. Thank you again for the blessing you have given me even we are in a lock down… you didn’t forget me. Thank you again..Don’t worry about me and my family because we are safe in Taysan. We haves strong and good health. It is also my prayer request for each of us to have strong and healthy bodies and [God will] always bless our needs. Take care … Stay safe. I love you mommy and daddy.”


Download the Project Ten-16 Brochure here.

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Bless A Child. Build A Community.

FGA Missions’ Project Ten-16 enables those who are willing to sponsor a child through prayer and giving . Child sponsorship goes directly towards caring for the child in need. It helps provide basic educational needs such as school supplies, books, clothing and adequate shoes. In addition, it supports a ministry that brings the Gospel to little children in the community through Sunday School and children’s Bible outreach programs.


Scripture tells us in Mark 10:16 that little children were brought to Jesus and that Jesus welcomed them, put his hands upon them and blessed them. It is the vision of Project Ten-16 to bless the children in the same way, to have them encounter Jesus and experience the love that is the hallmark of those who follow Him.


When you sponsor a child, you are also blessing their community. Our outreach programs reach the children’s parents, siblings and neighborhood and your giving affects them all. Your gift significantly helps carry the burden placed on the child’s caregivers, many of whom are unable to provide the child with basic needs for optimal growth due to poverty and circumstance.

By investing in a child’s future, you are also increasing their chances of being able to give back to their community and raise their families out of the yoke of poverty.

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For $15/$25 a month, you can help provide a child a stronger start, a brighter future and a more secure environment  to grow up in. We work directly with the families and churches that care for the children, so we can make sure that gift goes directly to benefit the child in need. Our missions team and outreach pastors visit the children’s homes and schools in addition to ministering to them in church.

With your sponsorship, you are taking part in a ministry that is involved and invested in caring for these children and their communities.

Contact us today for more information on how to get involved.


Click to download the Project Ten-16 Brochure.