The Lord’s Mission Continues


Pastor Robert and Lita Fetty started the in-person Bible study in Holiday Inn.

Praise be to God who faithfully directs His people and honors their faithfulness as they spread the knowledge of His glory!  FG Pastor – Robert Fetty, is giving God praise today for the opportunity to proclaim the word of God during these challenging times.  In 2018, Pastor Robert Fetty, with his wife Lita began ministering in the Transition Personal Care facilities in Washington, Pennsylvania.  They later founded The Light of Christ Full Gospel Church ministry.  With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Pennsylvania was placed under the stay-at-home order.  To continue the sharing of the Word in the community, Pastor Robert launched a Tuesday Bible study via Facebook Live in early April.  And on Easter Sunday, April 12, the Church began offering online Sunday services using the same social media platform.

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