Light of Christ Opens In-Person


Pastor Robert and Lita Fetty started the in-person Bible study in Holiday Inn.

Praise be to God who faithfully directs His people and honors their faithfulness as they spread the knowledge of His glory!  FG Pastor – Robert Fetty, is giving God praise today for the opportunity to proclaim the word of God during these challenging times.  In 2018, Pastor Robert Fetty, with his wife Lita began ministering in the Transition Personal Care facilities in Washington, Pennsylvania.  They later founded The Light of Christ Full Gospel Church ministry.  With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Pennsylvania was placed under the stay-at-home order.  To continue the sharing of the Word in the community, Pastor Robert launched a Tuesday Bible study via Facebook Live in early April.  And on Easter Sunday, April 12, the Church began offering online Sunday services using the same social media platform.

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Prepared for the Work of the Lord

“…a Diploma itself will not produce the desired fruits from us. We have to go out and bear fruits”. – Gresham Sumani, graduating student

The first batch of students of the Phrear School of Theology Malawi graduated with a Diploma in Biblical Studies on December 5, 2020 in Chilomoni Township, Blantyre City.  There were 12 pastors, 18 evangelists, two Sunday school teachers and 5 youth leaders among the 37 graduates. Bishops, pastors and church leaders came to celebrate this momentous occasion to send out newly equipped church leaders to different parts of their nation. 

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Brother to Brother Program Launched Discipling by Zoom

FROM CALIFORNIA. The ‘Brother to Brother’ mentoring program launched during pandemic 2020!   Minister Daryn West of Mansfield, TX writes, ‘I have found ways to continue to minister to those in need’.  Looking to minister to the young men of the church and community, God allowed for the  building of connections through Zoom.  Over the summer, the ministry was launched as a mentoring connection where young men are able connect and be transparent in their salvation experience.  Daryn reports that zoom sessions are held bi-weekly on Sunday evenings, bringing together young men age 15 thru 25.  Topics such as identity, reality, worldview, and destiny are addressed.  The prayer is ‘to help these young men live victoriously in Christ and build strong Christian foundations’.   Minister West asks for prayer ‘as we seek God together and advance the Kingdom of God; one young man at a time’.