Quirino Province, Philippines Reopens Institute Classes

-Full Gospel Assemblies Missions in Action-

Since partnering together with the Sto. Nino, Bethel Church in the year of 2008 for the building of the church facility, the ministry vision has included the training of local leadership for the work of the Lord to this rural community.   Sto. Nino Bethel Church, under the pastorship of Juliet Badong is located in the north-eastern Luzon region of the Philippines, largely an agricultural community.  With the onset of 2020, challenges began to set in throughout the region.  Pastor Juliet reports, ‘we continue to do the work of our Lord’, ministering throughout the community which is experiencing both spiritual and economic struggles.  What is seen is, the fields are ripe for harvest and the need for strong disciples is now!  With the reopening of the St. Nino PST-International Maranatha Institute study center in January, the class of 12 are undergoing the study of Prayer and Fasting.   Let all the people of God believe for a mighty outpouring of the power of God as these students take the gospel of Christ Jesus throughout this community in need! 

FGA – Philippines, Offers Pandemic Relief Ministry

The Taysan Philippines Ministry Update: Missions Outreach At Work

Ministry outreach continues to develop throughout Taysan Batangas, Philippines in the midst of the ongoing pandemic!  Taysan, a rural area south of Metro Manila, has been being evangelized with the Gospel message for over a decade, ever since the forming of the Taysan Full Gospel Church.  

What began as a single home study group outreach has now blossomed into a church family throughout a broader region, touching hundreds with the gospel message of the Lord Jesus.  The ministry team, led by the FG pastors, Melita Gabion, Jess and Riza Ikan, has grown with assistance from the Phrear School of Theology – Taysan study group students, and local parishioners being groomed in evangelism.  Throughout 2020, four evangelism teams were formed in order that the central congregation of Taysan might affectively reach the surrounding communities, many of which would only be able to be reached on foot, oftentimes with a one hour trek or more.   Never tiring in the mission set forth, the youth of Taysan have been highly instrumental and affective as the work moves onward into the Barangay areas of Kapihan, Bulihan, Tubahan and others.   

What originated as a humble outreach ministry, beginning of one congregation, all by the grace of God is now forming many outreach ministries.   The people of God of Taysan ask for the prayers of all throughout Full Gospel Assemblies as the tasks of this great work continue to grow, reaching many families throughout this region with the Word of salvation through Christ Jesus. 

See here, the story in photographs.  Let the voice of God speak to you.  Your prayers and love gifts of support will bless this great ministry as they reach families with pandemic gift bags of rice and basic staples, and gospel materials such as Bibles, tracts, children’s story books and adult Bible studies, worship, and prayer services.