Getting to Know ‘Shepherd’s Gate Ministry’

Shepherd’s Gate Ministry, a Full Gospel Assemblies partner ministry in Weirton, WV is sharing the name of Jesus wherever the opportunity opens.  Their vision is to bring the gospel to the nations in the most efficient way possible by supporting and equipping indigenous workers and pastors to take the gospel to their own people. Shepherd’s Gate Ministry was founded by Pastor Terry Blake and has been tenaciously serving the Lord Jesus for the past thirty years.

This ministry began following a two-week mission trip to China. Pastor Terry had the opportunity to spend a day with a family of the Bai minority people. He and his companion did their best to share Jesus with this family and two of their friends. Pastor Terry shared that the experience was exhausting, and worse, at the end of the day the only thing they accomplished was to offend one of the friends. He was frustrated and that night Pastor Terry cried to the Lord to show him what went wrong and what was he missing. The Lord showed him that in that particular instance people had believed a lie for so many generations that it has become the truth to them. It was then that he understood that the change he could bring in short-term mission trips was extremely limited.

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Project 10-16 Highlight: Donald Ellos – “The Badminton Champ”

Donald Ellos (right) after winning gold medal in the District Badminton Competition

Donald Ellos, sponsored child of Ginny Strauser under Project 10-16, recently received a gold medal for being a champion in the District Badminton Competition held in Dasmariñas, Cavite, Philippines. Donald is only twelve years old and is showing a great potential in badminton. 

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