Organizational Information

Churches and parachurch ministries (prayer groups, missions, associations, radio programs, etc.) may apply to affiliate with Full Gospel Assemblies International for the purpose of promoting unity of the body and receiving spiritual support and guidance. Affiliated organizations are entitled to tax exempt status under Full Gospel Assemblies group ruling with the Internal Revenue Service. Applicant organizations must be organized along special guidelines established by Federal Law.

Affiliation Requirements

Organizations desiring affiliation with Full Gospel Assemblies International (FGAI) shall meet the following requirements:

  • Affiliate ministries must be in complete agreement with Full Gospel Assemblies Statement of Faith. Each affiliate is free, within limits, to govern its own affairs, elect its own officers and channel its own finances. Affiliate organizations must be organized with a President, Secretary, Treasurer and Directors. Additional officers may be added if necessary.
  • Affiliate churches and parachurch ministry organizations are responsible for annual reporting of ministry activities, proposed ministry developments and accounting.
  • Applicant organizations must supply FGAI with: three (3) copies of their local Constitution and By-laws, Incorporation papers, Charter or governing rules of operation and the application. FGAI representatives are available to assist with application documents and the construction of a constitution and by-laws.
  • An affiliate organization is subject to disenfranchisement for violation of scriptural principles, adoption of false doctrine, and for acts or omissions not in the interest of FGAI.
  • Affiliate organizations of FGAI shall govern as sovereign ministries. FGAI assumes no liability for any act or debt of an affiliate organization. FGAI also reserves the right to withdraw its Certificate of Affiliation if deemed necessary.
  • Affiliate Organizational Constitution and By-laws: The IRS requires a Dissolution Clause to be included in an organizational charter or Constitution and By-Laws. The following Dissolution clause must be adapted as follows:”In the event, upon dissolution, or termination of the affiliated organization, any remaining assets, or property; the said real or chattel of property; after making provision for payment of all the liabilities; shall not inure to the benefit of any private person or persons, but all such remaining assets shall revert to Full Gospel Assemblies International,3018 Lincoln Hwy., Parkesburg, PA 19365, who shall have the authority to use or dispose of the property. In the event of the furtherance of the Gospel of Christ or charitable purposes. Should the named distributor be unwilling or unable to accept the assets of the affiliate at the time of dissolution, all remaining assets shall be distributed to an organization for religious or charitable purposes according to Section 501 (C) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code.”

Additional Obligations and Information

Organizational Assistance

FGAI office staff are available to assist affiliate organizations with advice for either internal or external situations upon request by the Pastor, President, Board or Members.

U.S.A. State Sales Tax Numbers

State sales tax numbers are issued by each individual State. Each affiliate organization must apply for their own sales tax number. Sales tax numbers and IRS (SS-4) I.E. numbers are 2 separate requirements for each organization. Individual organizational or FGAI headquarters SS-4 identification numbers may not be used for sales tax purposes.

Support of FGAI

Affiliate Organization tithes and offerings are essential to this association’s ability to continue to serve. Each affiliated organization is requested to contribute a monthly tithe and offering.

FGAI Affiliate Directory Listings

Affiliate organization information (advertisements, special events, special news articles, etc.) and affiliate ministerial requests (placement requests, evangelistic openings, etc.) may be requested to be printed within the Full Gospel Ministries Outreach Reports.

U.S.A. Postal Permits

United States Postal Service permits for bulk mailing privileges must be obtained on an individual basis from local post offices by each affiliate organization.