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Ukrainian refugees entering Poland

The following is the first hand account of the international ministry of FG clergy Dr. J.L. into Ukraine over the recent months.  As the Lord speaks, FG clergy, congregations and partner ministries are encouraged to give into the ministry of providing assistance to the war zones, touching many with the gospel and love of Christ. 

We will fight now… We will cry later

I just returned from Ukraine – rejoicing in God’s goodness but somber about the terrible struggles the people of Ukraine are experiencing as a result of a despot deciding he wants to take what was not his to take – and in the process killing thousands of people, including women and children, and indiscriminately bombing cities, including apartment complexes, school, hospitals, and other places and people that he thinks are not in favor of him trying to conquer their country.

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Pure Heart Ministries: Testimony of Ministry Development by Pastor Robert Pears

A Time to Awaken

“Go, sound an alarm in My Church, and awaken My people.” Back in 1989, I thought I knew what those words meant that He spoke to me as He called me into ministry. But a few years ago, the Lord turned up and again spoke them to me. He instructed me to study the heroes of faith and revivals of the past because He was about to shake the earth once again. Smith Wigglesworth, Maria Woodworth Etter, and Leonard Ravenhill were among the many who warned of a coming shaking and need for revival. Then as we moved into the 2020s, (I believe) the world quickly changed as a shaking began.

In April 2021, because of the Covid pandemic, I lost my day job. Further, my claim for unemployment was incorrectly denied and due to Covid, I had no ability to challenge it. Not knowing where we would find the money for our bills and for the ministry, I  became consumed with holy desperation, and I found myself praying for hours and especially at night when all had gone to sleep. 

“He who dwells in the Secret Place of the Most High, shall abide in the shadow of the Almighty.”

Psalm 91:1
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