Graduate of PST – Maranatha Institute Pastors Congregations in Mangochi, Malawi

Chiyembekezo H. L. Mpakati graduated from PST-Maranatha Institute in Malawi in the fall of 2020.  After graduating from the school, he has shown growth in the knowledge of the Word of God and zeal for church ministry. He now pastors Christ Alive Mission Church in Mangochi, under which are three other churches whose names are Kapako, Namilanza, and Kasabwe. By God’s grace, Pastor Mpakati also oversees these three congregations.

Mangochi is a strong Muslim district in Malawi. According to the 2018 census, 72.6% of those who reside in Mangochi are Muslims. Pastor Mpakati perseveres in pastoring the church, evangelism, and discipleship. He narrates that he has witnessed many things that God is doing among this community.  He reports that many are coming to know Christ through the work of preaching that the church does. Some openly join the church while others opt to join Bible studies secretly.

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Graduation Speech During the Recent PST Graduation in Malawi


by Paul Mpasu

I am very honoured to give a speech on behalf of my fellow students.  It has been a great honour to be part and parcel of the students of  International Maranatha Institute.  

We started this journey last year in October with our knowledge almost  blank. Some of us came not sure about what we were embarking on.  It took the patience of our lecturers to have us settled and begin to  take this school seriously. May God bless our lecturers and continue to  strengthen them as they tirelessly keep on doing the noble task of  shaping church leaders to become true servants of God, who will  “rightly divide the word of truth.” When we commenced our classes with the famous “Holy Spirit the comforter,” we immediately realized that our leaders are there for serious business. It was tough but we  persevered. At times, we felt like we would not be able to make it but  our lectures were always by our side encouraging us that we would  make it. Some of our colleagues walked unsteadily and fell along the  way. Therefore, my word of encouragement to them is that I have  learnt with relief from our lecturers that to them, there is still a chance  to finish their studies this year as continuing students. In actual fact,  there are at least two in our midst who failed to make it last time. But  here they are, today they are part and parcel of this graduating crew  and we are very proud of them.  

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