Graduate of PST – Maranatha Institute Pastors Congregations in Mangochi, Malawi

Chiyembekezo H. L. Mpakati graduated from PST-Maranatha Institute in Malawi in the fall of 2020.  After graduating from the school, he has shown growth in the knowledge of the Word of God and zeal for church ministry. He now pastors Christ Alive Mission Church in Mangochi, under which are three other churches whose names are Kapako, Namilanza, and Kasabwe. By God’s grace, Pastor Mpakati also oversees these three congregations.

Mangochi is a strong Muslim district in Malawi. According to the 2018 census, 72.6% of those who reside in Mangochi are Muslims. Pastor Mpakati perseveres in pastoring the church, evangelism, and discipleship. He narrates that he has witnessed many things that God is doing among this community.  He reports that many are coming to know Christ through the work of preaching that the church does. Some openly join the church while others opt to join Bible studies secretly.

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Phrear School of Theology Welcomes Incoming Faculty and Staff: Next Generation Builders

Dr. Belinda Braxton Stewart

Dr. Braxton-Stewart has joined the PST faculty, serving as Proctor and Teacher’s Assistant for Ministry and Theological undergraduate studies. As a graduate of Maranatha Full Gospel Bible Institute and having continued on to receive her EdD with Northcentral University, Belinda brings to PST a heart of excellence for the study of God’s word. In serving the people of God in the church community settings, and now with PST, she is fulfilling the call of God upon her life. Belinda resides in Pennsylvania together with her husband and children.

Marie Wagner

Marie Wagner began her ministry service with FG / PST in the year of 2020, serving as PST Teacher’s Assistant and with the office of PST Student Services. Following her recent marriage in June 2021, Marie, has continued to serve the PST Maranatha Institute student body as Proctor for Biblical Studies. As of October 2021, Marie has joined the development team for editing and course enhancements with Maranatha Institute diploma studies. Marie, a graduate of Maranatha Baptist University (BA Biblical Counseling), is active with her local church and enjoys her interaction with the PST / Maranatha Institute students from around the world.

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