Taysan Full Gospel Church and Its Outreaches Grow through the Enabling of the Holy Spirit

How does a Spirit-filled and Spirit-led life looks like? It is a life filled with awe-inspired reverence and obedience to God Most High. It is a life that puts God and His Kingdom first and doesn’t worry about the cares of the world. This kind of life is exemplified by the Taysan Full Gospel Church in Batangas, Philippines. 

Taysan Full Gospel Church during their 13th year anniversary last August

Everyday the church conducts prayer and worship gatherings in the morning and in the evening. At the moment, these gatherings are being done online because of stringent restrictions by the government regarding mass gatherings. But every time that restrictions are lifted, the church meets face to face in their sanctuary. At this time of pandemic, church attendance all over the world has significantly declined, but not so for Taysan Full Gospel Church. All glory to God!  The church continues to grow as each member, young and old, takes evangelism and discipleship to heart.

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