Ranch of Hope Church (NY) – Doubles Food Distribution

Bless the Lord oh my soul and all that is within me, bless His holy name! Greetings to my Full Gospel brothers and sisters in Christ. God has been so good to us here at the Ranch of Hope Community Church here in upstate NY. We have been hard pressed and stretched in every way imaginable as all of you have since Covid 19 hit us. All I can say is 2 words, “but God”!

We went from doing Live FB services from our Upper Room, to Live Outdoor FB services, to Live indoor FB services from our sanctuary. Since then we reopened the church as soon as we could and we still continue to broadcast our services through Live FB each week.

When Covid first hit us the Lord placed upon our hearts to do Live Morning Devotionals on FB and we haven’t stopped since and still continue to do them. From this devotional, our reach has grown from a few hundred people a month to now an average of over 2700 people a month. We never ever thought that we would ever be able to touch so many in a months time “but God” can do the miraculous.

We have also been able to continue feeding the people in the community around the church each month. We never stopped through the entire Pandemic and are now averaging 200 families a month. Nearly double the amount we fed before Covid hit.

We are so humbled by what the Lord has done and is doing but we know that all He asks for is a willing vessel and He can do the miraculous. We are so grateful how He has stepped in, in a mighty way and we give Him all the glory. Thank you Jesus for your faithfulness! I pray this was and is an encouragement to you all. Keep looking to the author and finisher of our faith and keep your hands to the plow until the day of His return. Blessings!

Pastors Kevin and Kim Donahue

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