PST Fall 2020 Term – Student Body Spans the Globe

Educating the Laborers

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With the opening of Fall 2020 classes, PST student body grew to 270, training as Next Generation church leadership and Pastors.    PST undergraduate students are resident of the USA, Mexico, Malawi, Philippines, and Jamaica.   PST – International Maranatha Institute students represent the Bahamas, Malawi, Bangladesh, Philippines, DR Congo, Kenya, USA and Zambia, studying as independent distance education students or within the study center setting.

Give Praise unto God!  Congratulations Extended!
First Malawian Graduation Set for October 25, 2020
Class of 36 Pastors and Church Leadership

Join in today – Your assistance is key for continued growth.  Together we shall succeed.  Let us build upon the word of the Lord ‘lift up your eyes and look at the fields, for they are ripe for harvest’. (John 4:35).  There is a great harvest of souls ahead!  Now is the time to prepare for the season of rebuilding and growth post pandemic.  While many sectors of the world may be at a slower pace, Full Gospel Assemblies is moving forward in a spirit of urgency, training and preparing the men and women of God for the full work of the ministry ahead.  As you help make educating the laborers a priority, many souls will be touched.  Join with FG / PST in the support of ‘students across the globe’.  Donate today to the FG / PST Capital fund. Donate Here. 

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