Philippine Youth Share Testimonies of Their PST-IMI Training Experiences In Pandemic Times

In the Philippines, community quarantines have been enforced again in areas with increasing cases of COVID-19 infection since mid-March 2021. Gatherings are highly restricted. So churches have turned to conducting Sunday Services, corporate prayers and Bible studies online. Ms. Jeriz Ikan, administrator and coordinator with the Philippine PST-IMI centers, shared with us what is happening in the midst of the lockdowns.

Three study groups of PST-IMI students in three provinces in the island of Luzon, Philippines stopped meeting face-to-face for the time being. These groups are located in Taysan Full Gospel Church in Batangas, Goshen Christian Community churches in Cabuyao, Laguna, and Camiling, Tarlac.  Each study group had to adjust to individual studies and online discussions with their pastors and teachers. Though the quarantine slowed down their studies, students are remaining active and have appreciated being able to dig deeper into the Word of God using their study manuals and online communications with their pastors.  Here are a few of their testimonies:

It is a blessing that we are getting to know the Lord better through the lessons that we are currently meditating on. We are studying well and deepening our knowledge of the Word of God…To God be the highest praise. 

Nikka Jane Magsino of
Taysan Full Gospel Church Batangas

I am doing well with my studies. I learned additional knowledge in my spiritual life. It is easy for me to answer the questions through the help of the Holy Spirit. I encounter no problems in my studies.

Meryl Panganiban of GKMCC Cabuyao

Our lessons have been a great help and big influence on my study of God’s Word. My knowledge of the Word is expanding. More things need to be discussed to deepen my knowledge of God.

Deice Zara of Taysan Full Gospel Church Batangas

I am blessed because our prayer time (my husband and I) became more intimate. I learned that when we pray to God, we have to be specific. I also learned that the most important thing in praying is that believing it is already done even before it happens, and claiming you already received it. In our lesson/topic now, I am learning to trust God more, especially now that my husband (John Eric Ayuban, also enrolled in our school) and I are praying that we would get pregnant soon, that God would bless us with a baby.

Rhea Lyn Ayuban of Pao Evangelical Church Camiling

I thank the Lord for His continuous provision of knowledge and wisdom to all of us [students]. I am able to study the lessons well because we could study the Word together after the Sunday service. Thank you Holy Spirit for continuously teaching us. Through our lessons, my knowledge of the New Testament is increasing. And by the grace of the Lord, I have reached Lesson 14 – Titus.

Razel Cabatuan of Taysan Full Gospel Church Batangas