New Birth Ministries of Clairton, PA


New Birth Ministries of Pennsylvania is reaching people from around the world in these challenging times through a thriving online ministry.  Beginning as a local church ministry in 1992, New Birth Ministries, under the leadership of Rev. Esther Scott, refocused as an online ministry in 2008, long before it was a common ministry practice. 

New Birth Ministries – Circa 2004, Donated into FGA for Ministry Advancement 

Rev. Scott states; ‘The ministry exists to provide for the saints to God to be encouraged and edified through articles, videos, posts, and the regular New Birth Ministries radio show.  We saturate the atmosphere with worship and praise to our Lord Jesus, providing a safe haven for sinners to hear the gospel.

New Birth Ministries is giving all praise to God for the opportunities of 2020-21 to reach people as far away as India and into the nations of Africa with live Bible studies via Skype, and family ministry with Christian content via the website and YouTube channel.  New Birth has recently launched the Sunday morning show “Micromanna – Just a little bit of Word” with Rev Essie airing each Sunday at 10 am.   New Birth Ministries – Reaching the world in the comfort of their homes!



Throughout the world, we find that the month of February is often seen as the season of expressing love.   For the servants of God, this season should be every day we live, loving God and loving His people.  Yet when we look around our world we find in many instances, no resemblance of the expression of the true intended love of God.  The nations of the world can be seen as experiencing a growing spiritual darkness, while in a general sense, the church often sits in a state of lethargy; going through the motions, ‘having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof (2Tim 3:5).


Yet, in the midst of it all, we see that God is doing what He said He would; shaking the nations, awakening their need for Him; preparing hearts for a revival comparable only to an early and latter rain together.  Let us remember, revival must first begin in us!  For every servant of God, let us purpose to go back to what God intended on the Day of Pentecost; ministering in the power and authority of Christ.  The key is preparedness.  If we are to be ready, we must examine ourselves in the light of God’s Word,  asking, ‘Am I loving God with all my heart, soul, mind and strength?  Do I love my neighbor as myself – even those who have said or done me wrong?  Is my focus as Pastor or leader that of pleasing God or man?  Let us consider I John 4:15-19: Do I love as my Savior loves me?  I Peter 4:7-11: Am I loving and serving only for God’s glory? 

Until we can say yes to being the body of Christ in the manner that God intended, what do we hold out to a lost and dying world?   Where the Word of God is the standard ‘norm’, the church will experience revival. Chains will be broken and hope will be found.  Be encouraged today Church, as we give our all to loving God – and loving others, we shall be the  “The Church Victorious”!  

Patricia Atwell – Pastor Emeritus
Barkersville Christian Church, Middle Grove, NY