The Malawian FG Church Excited for the Work of the Lord

There is a rejoicing for the hand of God upon all that the Lord God provided by His grace throughout the FG Malawi 2018 Mission:


Since the year of 2003, the Bride of Christ Pentecostal Church fellowship, based in Blantyre, Malawi has been partnering in ministry with Full Gospel Assemblies. Throughout the years, BOCPC and FGA have worked together in distance education, ministry development and church building. Then in 2016, the Lord laid upon the hearts of the church elders both in the USA and Malawi for a greater vision of church expansion. The groundwork for the fulfillment of this vision began to take form

as the Lord began to bring together a growing number of Malawian congregations with the burning desire to reach throughout all of Malawi and into Mozambique with the gospel of our Lord Jesus. The FG Malawi 2018 mission led by Chairman Simeon Strauser brought together the leadership of the FG Pentecostal church groups. And then with a forging of unity by the power of the Holy Spirit, the Full Gospel Assemblies – Malawi took form and is now in the early stages of development.  To God be the glory!

Pastoral Training #1 Need for the Malawian Church – FG Officially Opens Blantyre Study Center

With the official opening of the Blantyre Phrear School of Theology (PST) study center during this mission, a greater need was found for the education of pastors and evangelists, even beyond what was previously understood.  According to testimony of the Bishops leading the nearly 125 congregations represented, approximately 75% all of pastors have not had the opportunity for formal schooling in Biblical training. Further understood by the witness of those students taking part in the pilot PST class which opened in April 2018 was that there is a thirst and hunger for the Word of God coupled with a willing faith to immediately take the gospel to the streets, marketplace and throughout their local communities

Calling every FG Congregation – Every Pastor and Minister – Every FG Ministry
Prayerfully Seek the Lord – The fields are ripe for Harvest! – Partner with FG / PST Today

The goal has been set by FGA to provide a thorough pastoral training program through PST for every Malawian pastor, evangelist and church worker utilizing a hybrid classroom / online learning experience. Pastoral studies are to be translated to the Chichewa language for those who do not speak English. Early dialog since the Malawian 2018 mission indicates that the student body of 13 pastors in training is expected to more than double for the second block study class to begin in October. Let us reach Malawi and beyond!

To see this and other updates, download our September 2018 newsletter here.

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