(Photos) May 2018 – Philippine Missions Report

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We give God glory for His hand at work during Pastora Marissa Strauser’s recent mission into the Philippines and Hong Kong this past May 8-22 representing Full Gospel Assemblies. Her yearly mission comprised of visits to churches under the Philippine Alliance of Full Gospel Churches (PAFGC) and to families receiving sponsorship through Project TEN-16, Full Gospel’s Child Sponsorship Program.

For the missions first leg, Pastora Marissa met with the pastors and ministers of PAFGC and the student body of PST-Philippines. The Phrear School of Theology study group center located in the province of Laguna continues to train upcoming ministers within the PAFGC, as well as existing church leaders under the PST-International Maranatha Institute’s pastoral training program.

A number of the PAFGC local ministers also joined Pastora Marissa in conducting a Feeding Program in the village of Tubahan, for the Tubahan Full Gospel Church which is an outreach of Taysan Full Gospel Church. In addition to giving out meals,
the team from Taysan FGCYouth Ministry ministered through song and dance as the
ministers took the opportunity to share the gospel and encourage the continued growth of the outreach.

Taysan Full Gospel Church continues to grow with 6 young people having undergone water baptism during Pastora Marissa’s visit. The youth group, consisting of young people from ages 13 to 19, regularly minister through “Youth Sundays” conducted on the 4th Sunday of every month. Many thanks go before the Lord for the faithful support of this mission work through the FG congregations of the USA.

Pastor Marissa was also able to visit the children and families being sponsored by FG’s Project TEN-16. As this project continues to expand, there are now 10 children currently awaiting sponsorship. At the end of her trip, Pastora Marissa visited churches in Hong Kong, among congregations which consist mostly of  overseas Filipino Workers, to minister in preaching and prayer.

To see this and other updates, download our Apr-Jun 2018 newsletter here.

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