Full Gospel – Malawi 2018

Read about what’s in store for Full Gospel Assemblies in Malawi this summer:

PST Opens Blantyre, Malawi Study Center

PST-IMI Malawi students meeting in class

PST-IMI Malawi students holding study group class – Spring 2018

Full Gospel Assemblies has officially begun the Malawi 2018 mission objectives with the opening of the Phrear School of Theology (PST) study center. Some 13 local pastors and ministers enrolled for training with the pilot class (top left) which began in April. The initial classes are being facilitated by Pastor Thomas Mapira, Bishop of the Bride of Christ FG Pentecostal Churches serving the capital city of Blantyre, surrounding urban and rural regions and into the country of Mozambique. The Lord has provided for a small office and library, (2nd photo) which has been created to provide necessary resources for the students, pastors and ministers. The official grand opening of the PST study center will be held in August, led by FGA Chairman Simeon Strauser.

Full Gospel Mission & Conference Scheduled for August 2018

The opening of PST classes is a part of the larger vision to grow the Full Gospel Assemblies fellowship to the country of Malawi (map & description) and throughout the southern Africa region. After working with the FG churches within Malawi since 2007, with limited education and church development support, Full Gospel Assemblies is seeking the Lord for the provisions to see the Malawian FG churches enlarge the tent.

FG Chairman Simeon Strauser will be accompanied by FG leadership, Pastors Edward Popovich, Marissa Strauser and Lovie Scott, all of Pennsylvania, leading the first official FG 10 day mission to Malawi. They will be joined by local pastors and church leadership from Malawi and Mozambique in holding one open air crusade, rural church visitations and the 4 day Blantyre conference and crusade. Daily conference teachings with an estimated 100+ pastors and ministers will focus on ‘Developing Principles of Leadership’, and the evening evangelistic crusade services will welcome all who will heed the call, as invitation is being opened to the local public and the churches of the city.

Pray for this historic Malawian 2018 FG Mission! Let all the people of God join together, believing for the mighty power of God to be manifested, all for His glory, that many will find Him as Savior. You can be a blessing! Your giving to this great mission through FG Missions will help touch the lives of many.

To see this and other updates, download our Apr-Jun 2018 newsletter here.

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