Project 10-16 Highlight: Donald Ellos – “The Badminton Champ”

Donald Ellos (right) after winning gold medal in the District Badminton Competition

Donald Ellos, sponsored child of Ginny Strauser under Project 10-16, recently received a gold medal for being a champion in the District Badminton Competition held in Dasmariñas, Cavite, Philippines. Donald is only twelve years old and is showing a great potential in badminton. 

Aside from being a badminton champion and enthusiast, Donald is also a loving son and a diligent student. While training rigorously, he doesn’t neglect his chores at home and his studies as well.

Donald has been a sponsored child since 2020. He is the fifth among seven children. Like many of the sponsored children in Project 10-16, Donald grew up in an indigent community, where basic needs seem to be a luxury, much more education. His mother is a housewife and his father was a driver. His father was laid off from work and while waiting for employment, he is selling food at the nearby town.

The initial sponsored child in the Ellos family back in 2016 was Donalyn, Donald’s eldest sibling. However, when she graduated high school, Ginny Strauser felt the need to continue sending support because she is concerned about the welfare of the family. This time, the support goes to the education of Donald. Now, despite the physical distance, Ginny Strauser has become like family to the Ellos, especially to Donalyn and Donald. 

The ministry of Project 10-16 is a long but proven way of transforming the life of not just a child, but his/her family. You can help transform a child’s life by committing to sponsor one in the Philippines and/or in Malawi. By providing access to essential needs and education, you can alleviate poverty and provide opportunities for a better future. Onsite pastors and staff who are connected to Project 10-16 also ensure the spiritual development of sponsored and their family. Project 10-16 is a holistic ministry to the Lord.

Take a step of faith! Grab the opportunity to transform the life of a child in need and discover the joy that comes with it. Sponsor a child through Project 10-16 now.

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