Graduate of PST – Maranatha Institute Pastors Congregations in Mangochi, Malawi

Chiyembekezo H. L. Mpakati graduated from PST-Maranatha Institute in Malawi in the fall of 2020.  After graduating from the school, he has shown growth in the knowledge of the Word of God and zeal for church ministry. He now pastors Christ Alive Mission Church in Mangochi, under which are three other churches whose names are Kapako, Namilanza, and Kasabwe. By God’s grace, Pastor Mpakati also oversees these three congregations.

Mangochi is a strong Muslim district in Malawi. According to the 2018 census, 72.6% of those who reside in Mangochi are Muslims. Pastor Mpakati perseveres in pastoring the church, evangelism, and discipleship. He narrates that he has witnessed many things that God is doing among this community.  He reports that many are coming to know Christ through the work of preaching that the church does. Some openly join the church while others opt to join Bible studies secretly.

On a daily basis, the church in Mangochi reaches the community through door-to-door evangelism and praying for the sick.  Quite often Muslims invite church leaders to pray for the sick in their homes. They also ask help from the church for their many other concerns.

The church in Blantyre supports the church in Mangochi by doing “Mangochi Mission” annually. Normally the “Mangochi Mission” lasts three (3) days.  Missioners leave Blantyre on Thursday morning and arrive in Mangochi in the afternoon; then they leave Monday morning. Their work includes teaching, discipleship, praying for the sick, and counseling. They also do open air evangelism at the public market, and they also show a film about Jesus. This yearly mission to Mangochi has resulted in many people accepting Christ as their Savior and Lord. The next mission will be in October 2023. See photos below.

Bishop Charles Mapira is very grateful to FG-Assemblies for training Pastor Mpakati. He says that the courses of Maranatha Institute have been very helpful in Pastor Mpakati’s ministry to Mangochi.

Let’s pray for the churches in Malawi, especially for Christ Alive Mission Church in Mangochi. Ask God to continually strengthen the churches and make their ministry effective. Pray that the Lord will continue to add to their numbers and protect their testimony. Amen!

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