PST Student Body Grows Exponentially as 2020 Opens

IMG_20200229_120636[1] copy

Chilomoni, Malawi PST Study Group

Will You Prayerfully Support This Ministry Today?

Phrear School of Theology opened its Spring 2020 semester on January 13th with 45 undergrad and some 134 diploma students from three continents, training for pastoral, evangelistic, and missionary work. This represents more than a 100% increase in training since the 2018-19 school year. The undergrad student body, representing the United States, Jamaica, Mexico, Malawi and the Philippines – have all come together in combined online classes, with local pastoral leadership facilitating PST Study Group classes (where available) in their local ministry settings. The PST / International Maranatha Institute students will undergo their training by distance or in one of the 10 study group locations available within the Philippines and Malawi.

For this expansion of the Lord’s work, courses are now being offered in Chichewa, Filipino, Spanish and English. While students of the Philippines and Malawi began receiving classes in their local languages in 2018-19, the opening of the Spring 2020 term marked a new milestone for PST classes now being offered in Spanish. Through the office of PST instructor Pastora Narcedalia Licht of Wisconsin, students of the Monterrey, Mexico study group receive their online classes. Pastora Narcedalia proctors these classes online, together with the on-location assistance from Pastor Luis Campos in Monterrey.

In areas where English is widely spoken, all PST undergrad degree candidate students participate in online courses with students from throughout the United States. Through the PST International Maranatha Institute diploma programs, courses now available in the English, Chichewa, and Filipino languages. Since 2018, PST has been utilizing Populi as its Student Information and Learning Management System. Populi affords to PST students the flexibility to conduct activities – such as watching lectures, submitting coursework, viewing records – and participation in virtual online classrooms. It also lets students interact with their “classmates” from other states and countries, learning from each others’ enriched experiences in different cultures and settings.

Your prayerful giving into the FG Missions / PST Capital Program will touch the lives of many as you support this growing and expanding ministry of the Lord. Help raise up tomorrows leadership! Please Contribute Today.

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