Rocco Morelli, FG Evangelist – A Life Changed by the Power of God

Rocco Morelli, is the author of ‘Forgetta ‘bout It’, the story of his life – from gangster to Jesus! He is now a dynamic evangelist, speaker, and pastor who has the privilege of ministering with his wife Christine, holding church services & Bible studies, traveling to speak in churches, conferences, schools, youth detention centers, and prisons around the globe.


FG Evangelist Rocco Morelli

Rocco is an ordained Pastor and Minister with Full Gospel Assemblies International and is the founder and president of Rocco Morelli Ministries International. He has worked for and now collaborates with Prison Fellowship Ministries and Operation Starting Line as a national speaker and spokesperson bringing the Gospel message to prisons across America.

He has a wide variety of speaking experiences, including TV, radio, and multi-media interviews. People listen to his dynamic message because Rocco Morelli is a walking testimony of a life that was transformed through the power of Jesus Christ.

To learn more of Evangelist Morelli, schedule for a speaking engagement or to  purchase his book ‘Forgetta ‘bout It’, go to

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