Every Sunday John Reviello visits a different nursing home to hold a church service for the nursing home residents. The service begins with singing along to a couple of church hymns played on a CD player, followed by a prayer. The nursing home residents so appreciate when someone can bring into the facility the familiarities that they once enjoyed. Many of them look forward to hearing the Word of God preached to them and for some it’s the first time. Fulfilling a Call to deliver the hope of a true Living Savior to those who are close to the end of their lives here on earth is the sweetest blessing and reward for the deliverer. After each service John personally greets every attendant and gladly answers any questions they might have.

In addition to the service, the ministry includes a therapy dog named Hannah Bear. Josephine Reviello brings Hannah Bear to visit with those residents in their rooms who could not come to service. Many residents love to pet Hannah Bear and talk to her as if she were their own. They often share memories of pets they once loved and cherished. Sometimes residents open up about their discouragement and pain which gives Josephine an opportunity to pray with them. Many residents either have no one to visit them or just can’t open up to their loved ones. So, our visit lets them know we care, Jesus cares, and to bring them hope.

The purpose of our Nursing Home Ministry is to share the love of Jesus Christ to those residents who are not only captive to their environment but also ailing and lonely. And those without a relationship with Jesus Christ especially need to hear the saving truth that only a believer can share through their faith.


Article and photos courtesy of John and Josephine Reviello.

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