Photos ~ 2016 East Coast Leadership Summit (McKeesport, PA)

We give glory to God for a refreshing time of worship and the power of the Word as FGA pastors from all across the Northeast U.S. gathered together for the 2016 FG Eastern Leadership Summit last October 6-8.  The summit was hosted by Pastor Jim Capets and our brethren of New Life Fellowship of Pittsburgh in McKeesport, PA.

The summit opened Thursday night with an open discussion on the needs present throughout the church fellowship and how these needs may be met through the joint cooperation of the congregations and clergy represented.

The Friday sessions began with Pastor Jim Capets giving the Word of encouragement to remain steadfast amidst the pressure of personal and public expectations in ministry.  He exhorted all the ministers of God to stand tall in our place as God’s children first, ministers second.  Pastor Jim was joined by Pastor Roy Tryon of Living Waters Family Worship Center in praying over clergy and layworkers for a renewal of strength in ministry.  This session was followed by Pastora Marissa Strauser giving praise reports on the growth of the FGA work in India, Philippines and Malawi.  FGA’s Project Ten-16 was also introduced as an expanded Child Sponsorship Program for building up the community of FG churches worldwide.

Friday afternoon sessions resumed with Pastors Regi and Narcedelia Licht of WI, joined by Pastor Luis Campos and his wife, Pastor Irma Diaz , giving report of God’s work in the FG congregation of Nuevo Leon, Mexico.  All the family of God is joyful for the ministry of the Divina Gracia De Mexico congregation, as they are FG’s first affiliate ministry in this area of the country of Mexico.

Late afternoon, FG Chairman Simeon Strauser gave insight on the development of the Phrear School of Theology, recently launched as Full Gospel’s college for the training of Ministers, Pastors, and Missionaries internationally. With Full Gospel Bible Institute becoming Phrear School of Theology, PST will continue FG’s long legacy of training those who are called to the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Friday evening Evangelistic Rally included the anointing and Laying on-of-Hands, welcoming newly recognized ministers and pastors as FG clergy.  Pastor Lovie Scott of World Overcomer’s Ministry brought forth the Word from 2 Chronicles 27, challenging all to “come out of the woulds / woods” and step into the will of God, realizing the full call of God upon our lives and ministries.

Saturday morning’s Breakfast Fellowship, provided by our most gracious host congregation of New Life Fellowship, gathered participants together as they shared the good news of the Lord’s amazing work.  This continued into the Summit-closing open-mic, praise-giving session with represented churches and ministries giving praise for what God is doing across our region.

We are grateful for all those who participated and prayed for the success of this Summit.  Special thanks goes out to all our speakers, Pastor Lovie Scott and our host Pastor Jim and the congregants of New Life Fellowship for their leadership and hospitality.   We give praise to God for the ministry of your heart and hands!

To see this and other updates, download our October 2016 newsletter here.

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