FG Congregations Open 2017 in Prayer

Our brethren of Taysan Full Gospel Church gave God glory for His renewal of vision as they joined together for New Year’s sunrise service with the recently planted Tubahan Full Gospel Church.   A group of nearly 30 began their hour long hike before first light, from Taysan to Tubahan, meeting the sunrise atop a mountain where they gave prayer and praise to God for His fruitful work in 2016 and for the new beginnings in store in 2017.

Taysan Full Gospel Church started as an outreach church in the rural mountainous area of Taysan, Batangas Province, Philippines. The congregation has been   growing strong in ministry and family outreach over the last 5 years, and have in 2016 began their own outreach in the neighboring, even more remote, community of Tubahan.  To hold worship services in Tubahan, our outreach pastors along with local Taysan church workers go on foot, hiking the mountains for an hour to reach the Tubahan community each Sunday. The Full Gospel congregations of Taysan and Tubahan covet your prayers for the fulfillment of the vision to now evangelize and birth a third Batangas Province congregation in 2017!

To see this and other updates, download our February 2017 newsletter here.

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