Latest News from Malawi:

Prepared for the Work of the Lord

“…a Diploma itself will not produce the desired fruits from us. We have to go out and bear fruits”. – Gresham Sumani, graduating student The first batch of students of the Phrear School of Theology Malawi graduated with a Diploma in Biblical Studies on December 5, 2020 in Chilomoni Township, Blantyre City.  There were 12 … Continue reading

New PST Class Has Begun in Machinjiri Campus

Last August 17, 2020, PST opened a new study group in Machinjiri, Malawi under the leadership of Professor Bishop Charles Mapiri.  Eleven pastors make up the first Machinjiri class, training in Biblical study and practical ministry.   Let all the people of God pray today for God’s grace that will enable these pastoral students to … Continue reading

PST Student Body Grows Exponentially as 2020 Opens

Will You Prayerfully Support This Ministry Today? Phrear School of Theology opened its Spring 2020 semester on January 13th with 45 undergrad and some 134 diploma students from three continents, training for pastoral, evangelistic, and missionary work. This represents more than a 100% increase in training since the 2018-19 school year. The undergrad student body, … Continue reading

FGA-PST Malawi 2019

Here’s a glimpse into the classroom located in the Full Gospel Assemblies / Phrear School of Theology facility in Blantyre, Malawi.

2019 FG Malawi Conference

We’re all geared up for the Blantyre, Malawi conferences happening this September 30 – October 4, 2019!

School Site Secured for Ministry Training in Blantyre, Malawi

Full Gospel Assemblies – Malawi has secured a 5 room gated facility in Blantyre, Chilomoni Township to be utilized for the PST School of Ministry. The facility is adequate to hold the central offices for FGA – Malawi and the PST School of Ministry classrooms and offices for the training of pastors and ministers from … Continue reading

Full Gospel Assemblies Launches ‘Church Unite’

Full Gospel pastors, ministers and church support staff from the Tri-State area came together at two regional breakfast summits held October 27th and November 10th for a time of fellowship and sharing. The first summit was held in Bentleyville, PA while the second was held in Gap, PA. At each summit, participants gathered for a … Continue reading


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