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Full Gospel Assemblies
Malawi Opens Matindi – Blantyre Center

Easter Sunday in Matindi, Malawi opened with a service of prayer and worship at the Full Gospel Assemblies – Malawi, Matindi Center, under construction since mid 2020. The area of Matindi, about 30 minutes out of Blantyre city, is one of the locations within Malawi sited for great expansion. Plans are for this area to be a jobs center, where many will be working, living and worshipping ( The original church located here in Matindi was greatly damaged by storms in 2019, and subsequently had to be raised. In mid 2019, through a benevolent donation provided by FG clergy of Dayna’s Icare Foundation of West Chester, PA, the reconstruction of this site was begun. As the project began to take form, it became apparent that this particular location would be of greater use to the Full Gospel Assemblies-Malawi, if it were developed as a full ministry center. Seeing the location’s importance, plans were enlarged so as to provide for usage as a Phrear School of Theology training center, FG field office, and Pastoral home along with the Matindi FG Church. This FGA-Malawi ‘Matindi – Blantyre Center’ will serve as the host site for the first national gathering of Malawian clergy here in 2021, this coming October. Full Gospel Assemblies is now accepting donations to assist with the acquisition of interior furnishings such as tables, chairs, white boards, overhead projection equipment and pulpit.

Malawians happily entering the FGA Malawi Matindi Blantyre-Center for prayer and worship.

FGA-Malawi: Chilomoni Pastoral Conference

Our Chilomoni conference is over now. We praise God that we had a wonderful conference once again. All the pastors, above photos, have joined the us as FGA Malawi Fellowship. International Maranatha Institute has been welcomed by almost all the churches gathered at this conference. Many enrollment forms have been distributed and students are coming … Continue reading

Full Gospel Assemblies – Malawi Holds April 22 Leadership Seminar

FG-Malawian leadership joined pastors and church workers together this past April 30th at the FG Matindi Center under the banner of Unity in the Body of Christ.  Bishop Thomas Mapira writes, “We highly praise our Almighty God for the incredible seminar we had. With much respect, we are here also to recognize the great work … Continue reading

The 2021 FGA-Malawi Leadership Conference – A Time of Empowerment and Celebration

October 14-16, 2021 – Full Gospel Assemblies’ congregants from different areas throughout Malawi (Phalombe, Chiradzulu, Luchenza, Nkula Falls) and from the country of Mozambique, gathered together at the FGA Matindi – Blantyre Center for the 2021 FGA Malawi Conference.  The theme for this leadership conference  was aptly titled “Transformational Leadership”.  In keeping with this theme, … Continue reading

Prepared for the Work of the Lord

“…a Diploma itself will not produce the desired fruits from us. We have to go out and bear fruits”. – Gresham Sumani, graduating student The first batch of students of the Phrear School of Theology Malawi graduated with a Diploma in Biblical Studies on December 5, 2020 in Chilomoni Township, Blantyre City.  There were 12 … Continue reading

New PST Class Has Begun in Machinjiri Campus

Last August 17, 2020, PST opened a new study group in Machinjiri, Malawi under the leadership of Professor Bishop Charles Mapiri.  Eleven pastors make up the first Machinjiri class, training in Biblical study and practical ministry.   Let all the people of God pray today for God’s grace that will enable these pastoral students to … Continue reading

PST Student Body Grows Exponentially as 2020 Opens

Will You Prayerfully Support This Ministry Today? Phrear School of Theology opened its Spring 2020 semester on January 13th with 45 undergrad and some 134 diploma students from three continents, training for pastoral, evangelistic, and missionary work. This represents more than a 100% increase in training since the 2018-19 school year. The undergrad student body, … Continue reading

FGA-PST Malawi 2019

Here’s a glimpse into the classroom located in the Full Gospel Assemblies / Phrear School of Theology facility in Blantyre, Malawi.

2019 FG Malawi Conference

We’re all geared up for the Blantyre, Malawi conferences happening this September 30 – October 4, 2019!


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