Our sisters from Undi Church in Malawi:

Worship time with the Undi Congregation in Malawi.

Latest News from Malawi:

FGA-PST Malawi 2019

Here’s a glimpse into the classroom located in the Full Gospel Assemblies / Phrear School of Theology facility in Blantyre, Malawi.

2019 FG Malawi Conference

We’re all geared up for the Blantyre, Malawi conferences happening this September 30 – October 4, 2019!

Full Gospel Assemblies Launches ‘Church Unite’

Full Gospel pastors, ministers and church support staff from the Tri-State area came together at two regional breakfast summits held October 27th and November 10th for a time of fellowship and sharing. The first summit was held in Bentleyville, PA … Continue reading

Matindi, Malawi Evangelized

Church of the Bride, under the direction of Pastor T. J. Mapira began their first gospel meeting in the outreach area of Matindi, Malawi fall of 2013. As many as 20 responded to the call for salvation in a single … Continue reading

Malawian Church sends more workers

Full Gospel Assemblies Malawian Church sends more workers into the field. The Bride of Christ Ministry under the direction of Pastor J. Mapira is located in the country of Malawi. The recent graduating students from the school of ministry and the … Continue reading