2022 FGA Malawi Conference and PST Graduation

By Bishop Thomas Mapira

We praise God for His goodness. As I am writing, I am full of joy for the work God has enabled me to accomplish in the past two months. Glory be unto Him forever and ever. I also thank you brethren for standing with us in prayers and financial support for the work of the Lord in Malawi. 

Full Gospel Assemblies Malawi is growing because of you. You sacrificed yourselves for this work to be done. I know it is not easy job to accomplish this because it requires great dedication and sacrifice. May the Lord reward your kindness.

2022 Annual Conference

We had a wonderful annual conference from 10th November 2022 up to 12th November where we had our students’ graduation ceremony. This year, 52 students have graduated and we praise God for this achievement. Phrear School of Theology is reaching Pastors, Evangelists, Church elders and all ministers of the Lord with Christian Education here in Malawi.

Overflow of participants

Many participated in our conference and our church facility could not accommodate all of them, therefore we had to erect this tent to serve as an overflow. We now see the need to expand our PST building next year. Please pray for this project.

PST Graduating Students of 2022

Let us all pray for our recent graduates as they go out to minister the word of God. They have been well prepared to do His work – 2 Timothy 2:15.

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