FGA-Malawi: Chilomoni Pastoral Conference

Our Chilomoni conference is over now. We praise God that we had a wonderful conference once again. All the pastors, above photos, have joined the us as FGA Malawi Fellowship. International Maranatha Institute has been welcomed by almost all the churches gathered at this conference. Many enrollment forms have been distributed and students are coming for registration.

This is the church of our conference in Chilomoni. These pastors came from different churches and different areas in Blantyre City, from Kameza, Ndirande, Sigerege, Chilobwe, Chirimba, Machinjiri,Mbayani, Chemusa and Chilomoni.These are townships that make up Blantyre City.

Our church women, the Bride of Christ Pentecostal church prepared food for us. We thank you very much for the provision. The funds you sent us enabled us to eat delicious food at the conference. In all the conference was held because you provided us with funds. God bless you and hope to see you at the annual Conference.

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