FG Assemblies Touching Lives in War-Torn Ukraine – As Drive Yields Medical Needs Assistance

Reporting from OK, FG Pastor and Missionary, Joel L. discusses the ministry work into the war-torn areas affected by the ongoing regional conflict with Pastor Simeon Strauser:  He states, “The entire $1500.00 was invested just now in the process of procuring medications used for treating people medically. A team of seven people will be going to (the) Ukraine (area in) October, and will be setting up medical clinics in several areas where the most people are in need of medical care. Each person seen will have their medical needs assessed and treated as much as possible. Each person will also be individually ministered to in whichever way is most needed for that individual – on past trips many of the people accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior, while many others rededicated their lives to the Lord, as others were ministered to help them with the trauma and other emotional challenges they might be experiencing. In many cases they are also offered food and even clothing if possible.

You can be sure that (the FG) donation will result in many people receiving medical care that would otherwise be unavailable because of the lack of medical care and medications that have resulted from the terrible challenges they have been facing for the last 8 months.

The people have been incredibly grateful for the physical and spiritual care they have received from our teams in the last few months – you can be sure those treated on this next trip will be very grateful as well.

I add my heartfelt gratitude for (the) willingness to help the least of these – (we) are touching lives that are living in desperate times – you are as much the hands of Jesus to the people as if you were there in person. Great will be your reward! 

Additional support into the ministry to the Ukraine may be forwarded to FG Central Office, Box 337, Parkesburg, PA 19365.

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