New Level Church Launches Church Planting

An Example of the FG Global Church Plant and Water Initiative

Reported by Lead Pastor Ronnie Tejada – New Level Church

Last January 2022, we launched our very first church planting initiative outside the United States. New Level Church Philippines (NLC PH) was born and received her legal entity from Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) last February 8, 2022. The local pastor of NLC PH, Pastor Agosto Mataro, was a childhood friend of mine. We actually attended Vacation Bible School together when we were in elementary grades. After more than three decades, the Lord crossed our paths again and we were both surprised that we became pastors, called by God to serve Him full-time in the ministry. He was looking for someone to guide him in the ministry at the time and asked me to mentor him. After a year of intentional and relational discipleship and mentorship, the Lord has led us to extend the ministry of New Level Church in the Philippines. It was started as a children’s outreach and it grew rapidly and became a local church. PTL!

As our outreach team was consistently doing the works of the Lord, by God’s grace, they were able to establish three children’s outreach ministry in our hometown. Some of the parents of these children became actively involved in the church and later made their commitment to support NLC PH. They began to gather every Sunday to held Life Group Bible Study. During this time, we were able to impart to them the vision, mission and purpose of New Level Church. Eventually, this weekly meeting became a regular worship service celebration. God is good! 

The raining season started in Rizal, Philippines around May 2022. The place that they were using for their regular worship service has been flooded with water. The need of constructing a watertight and flood-proof church building became very evident. New Level Church here in U.S. was able to raise some building fund to start the project. Many of the family and friends of NLC also gave their support. The construction was begun on the first week of June 2022 and it was completed on the last week of July. In less than two months, NLC PH worship center was ready to use. Praise Jesus!

The children that they are ministering regularly with the love, truth and grace of the Lord Jesus Christ eventually became the choir team of the NLC PH. An anointed worship leader and gifted voice lesson teacher, Sister Dianne Antonio, also joined the church. She gave her commitment to the Lord to serve at NLC PH and train our young worshippers and homegrown choir group. She is also receiving regular discipleship and mentorship from us. Hallelujah!

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