Pure Heart Ministries: Testimony of Ministry Development by Pastor Robert Pears

A Time to Awaken

“Go, sound an alarm in My Church, and awaken My people.” Back in 1989, I thought I knew what those words meant that He spoke to me as He called me into ministry. But a few years ago, the Lord turned up and again spoke them to me. He instructed me to study the heroes of faith and revivals of the past because He was about to shake the earth once again. Smith Wigglesworth, Maria Woodworth Etter, and Leonard Ravenhill were among the many who warned of a coming shaking and need for revival. Then as we moved into the 2020s, (I believe) the world quickly changed as a shaking began.

In April 2021, because of the Covid pandemic, I lost my day job. Further, my claim for unemployment was incorrectly denied and due to Covid, I had no ability to challenge it. Not knowing where we would find the money for our bills and for the ministry, I  became consumed with holy desperation, and I found myself praying for hours and especially at night when all had gone to sleep. 

“He who dwells in the Secret Place of the Most High, shall abide in the shadow of the Almighty.”

Psalm 91:1

Charles Spurgeon explained this must be our permanent abode. Lillian Yeomans said it was our hiding place. Amy Carmichael explained it is “home”. Smith Wigglesworth taught us it was all about abiding in Him, and John G Lake taught us that it was the Lord satisfying the deep hunger of the spirit. Night after night, I learned to wait just seeking His face and to hear His voice. As I waited in the oasis of His Presence, He answered and said that I worked for HIM and as such, He was responsible to supply what I needed to fulfill the task. He explained that the time was short and the harvest great. He told me that on this earth the people may never sing your praises but a crowd will thank you in Heaven. The Lord had me pray for several hours and then I went to sleep. He awoke me at 5:30 AM and I had received a major donation of over $15,000 from someone I didn’t know. Then, later that day I received a check for $8,000. I had not received a check like that before (nor) since. 

The Lord informed us to call for prayer partners to join in crying out for revival. We posted (on facebook) videos on revival and called people to pray and join our prayer partners. We then began Zoom meetings to encourage the partners and to pray for revival. Yet, nothing changed! The Lord’s instruction was to pray even more. 

As 2021 started, the Lord told us to preach on the “Secret Place” of His Presence, and on January 1st, it was like someone turned on a light switch. Everything changed and lives were changed. People started calling the office and sending emails asking how they could return to the Lord. In fact, the email requests became overwhelming with as many as a hundred a day coming in.  Soon, even ministers all over the world called, admitting they were backslidden and wanted revival. University professors from universities including Harvard called and invited me to present to their students on revival. Unfortunately, due to Covid, the event had to be canceled. The professors explained they saw our videos on revival and longed for a revival at their universities. Bible students at famous Bible colleges such as Reagent called and repented of various addictions. We had others, who began watching the YouTube channel, seeking the Baptism in the Holy Spirit and healing. Soon, we started receiving testimonies of people receiving the Baptism or the  healing they were believing for.  Some were famous people including one YouTube celebrity who got healed and did a painting which they sent us as a thank you. 

We soon began to see people join the Zoom meetings from all over the world. The Lord moved mightily on our Zoom meetings with many healed, delivered, and set on fire for God. One lady’s daughter had brain cancer. She went for surgery for cancer, but the Lord healed her. The doctor recognized that God had healed her and after discovering he had cancer, came asking for prayer.  He too was healed. We saw people delivered from addictions to pornography, alcoholism, drugs, and various issues. 

We have witnessed five who have been touched by the ministry go on into Christ for the Nations to pursue their education, and yet others went directly into the mission fields. During our Zoom meetings, many ministers who had become weary and discouraged have joined in seeking a fresh touch and vision.  

Many call our office seeking prayer to see their marriages restored. One gentleman explained how he has lost his wife, kids, and home because he had strayed from the Lord.  He repented and asked for prayer. A few weeks later a FedEx package arrived with a gift of support. We called the man, only to discover the Lord had fully restored his marriage!

On YouTube, thousands have written messages of how they were backslidden but felt drawn to watch our videos and had repented. Again and again, people have said, “somehow your videos turned up in my feed and I felt drawn to watch them.” A famous artist whose work is highly sought after, called and explained how his wife and he had started watching regularly and returned to the Lord. For this we give all glory to our Lord. 

It is hard to fully determine the actual numbers, but based on all the letters, comments, emails, and phone calls, tens of thousands have come to or returned to the Lord.  The vision of Pure Heart Ministries, Elgin, IL is to continue building resources to make disciples, and connect them, where possible, with local churches.

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