Rejoicing Over New Members of the Church

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come. – 2 Corinthians 5:17 ESV

How joyful it is to see our loved ones professing their faith in Jesus our Lord!  Shiloh Fellowship rejoiced as God added new members to the church during their Water Baptism Service on July 12, 2020.  A sister of a long time church member joined after attending for several years.   Three out of the four who were baptized are new believers.  Administering this momentous occasion were Pastor Ed Popovich, the founder of Shiloh Fellowship and Pastor Bob Rizor, who was charged to lead the church along with his wife Joy Rizor last July 2019.    Over the dinner celebration after the baptism, Pastor Joy exhorted the group to live new lives in Christ. She said,  “If there’s no change when you come up from the water, then all you did was get wet.” After coming out of the water, those who were baptized testified to the world that they were changed persons. 

The Old Has Gone, The New Has Come

Pastor Joy reports: Robby Miklic, the second cousin of Pastor Bob, started attending Shiloh Fellowship in July 2019. He was raised in a family who believes in the reality of Jesus.  Undergoing water baptism was Robby’s public declaration of His love for Jesus. It is his testimony that in Christ, he’s cleared of his past wrongdoings. For him, he is also connected to a church-family who will constantly guide him towards God. Now, he looks forward to learn more about Jesus and the Christian faith, to welcome both into his life everyday.

Participants: From left: Peggy and Bobbi Jo Kelvington, the childhood family friends of Ptr. Bob; Debbie Vojtek, sister of a long time church member and Robby Miklic, Ptr. Bob’s second cousin

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