New Central Facility for Training Pastors of Malawian Full Gospel Churches


For many years, the Lord has faithfully called more local pastors to lead the growing Full Gospel Assemblies – Malawian churches throughout the cities and rural areas of the nation. To give opportunities for them to develop in leadership and in ministerial skills, Full Gospel Assemblies – Malawi has now opened a new central facility serving the rural pastors and congregations. Since May 2020, what was begun by the Lord speaking to the hearts of the leadership of Dayna’s iCare Foundation of Pennsylvania, the generosity of God’s people continued to flow through the faithful throughout Full Gospel Assemblies.  Brick by brick, to rough finishes, wiring and roofing, the Matindi Malawi center and pastoral home were built, with completion being accomplished this July 2020.

Educating Future Pastors and Church Leaders

This center will serve as a facility where pastors will obtain quality biblical education and ministry training through Phrear School of Theology (PST) and International Maranatha Institute.  Future students will come from the remote areas of Malawi, from Mozambique and other neighboring nations. The Next Generation of pastors will be equipped to establish new indigenous churches and train local believers to proclaim the Gospel among their people.  Pastor TJ Mapira, Bishop of FGA – Malawi, also envisions that this will be the hub for joint PST and Full Gospel Assemblies – Malawi church fellowship conventions and revivals.

Your Support Will Go a Long Way

This project would not have been possible without your support through giving and prayers!    FG Clergy and Congregations are called upon today to partner for world-wide training by partnering through giving into the FG / PST capital fund, providing for continuing school development and student support into the lands of Malawi, Philippines, Mexico, USA and other areas in need.   Your assistance will bring a solid education and a strengthening of our future church leaders for student educational grants, staffing, equipment, and furniture needs.  Your giving today will support future operations at the Matindi Malawi site and as well new and upcoming locations throughout Full Gospel Assemblies. 

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