Full Gospel in Thailand

Missionary Terry Blake of WV has been faithfully following the call of God in taking the gospel to Asia for many years. Since forming the Shepherd’s Gate Ministry in the year of 1996, Terry has been working along with those of various areas for the planting of churches, encouraging and equipping in the development of ministry.

Photo above shows Missionary Blake along with Miss Belle and her husband, sharing the love of God in the village of Mowah Kee, Thailand.

Missionary Blake along with Miss Belle and her husband, sharing the love of God in the village of Mowah Kee, Thailand.

One such area has been the deep areas of Thailand. It is there that Full Gospel Assemblies has committed for a term, with missions seed giving for the support of a girls home. Miss Belle, a full-time missionary from the country of the Philippines serves this ministry, providing the tender oversight and care that the girls yearn for.

Missionary Blake reports, “At the present time, we have six students staying at House of Grace with for more coming in May. I am confident the four new girls will be a blessing, and I was encouraged to see them already attending Sunday services at House of Grace.”

This and other updates are in our May 2015 newsletter.

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