Here are the latest news from the Philippines:

New Level Church Launches Church Planting

An Example of the FG Global Church Plant and Water Initiative Reported by Lead Pastor Ronnie Tejada – New Level Church Last January 2022, we launched our very first church planting initiative outside the United States. New Level Church Philippines (NLC PH) was born and received her legal entity from Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission … Continue reading

Taysan, Philippines – God’s Hand at Work

The work of the Lord is moving forward! Over the past two years, in the midst of the worldwide struggles, by the hand of God, the ministries of Full Gospel Assemblies within the town of Taysan have begun expanding.  The central congregation of the Taysan FG Church located in San Isidro, Taysan, Batangas has grown … Continue reading

Taysan Full Gospel Church – Tubahan Outreach in Picture! 

Here are recent photos from Tubahan Outreach. We are blessed to see both adults and children being ministered by the word of God. These photos show humble beginnings, and we are in faith that God will grow His church in His time.

Taysan, Philippines Study Group Completes New Testament Survey Study

Congratulations go out to each of the PST / IMI Taysan, Philippines Study Group students.  This past June 20th was a very special time, as they came together to finalize their study of The New Testament Survey class.   Excited, they rejoiced in worship together with their instructor, Neil Gabion, for their continued accomplishments in the study of the … Continue reading

Philippine Youth Share Testimonies of Their PST-IMI Training Experiences In Pandemic Times

In the Philippines, community quarantines have been enforced again in areas with increasing cases of COVID-19 infection since mid-March 2021. Gatherings are highly restricted. So churches have turned to conducting Sunday Services, corporate prayers and Bible studies online. Ms. Jeriz Ikan, administrator and coordinator with the Philippine PST-IMI centers, shared with us what is happening … Continue reading


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