Taysan, Philippines – God’s Hand at Work

The work of the Lord is moving forward! Over the past two years, in the midst of the worldwide struggles, by the hand of God, the ministries of Full Gospel Assemblies within the town of Taysan have begun expanding.  The central congregation of the Taysan FG Church located in San Isidro, Taysan, Batangas has grown to now be serving nearly a hundred adults, youth and children, all by the grace of God.  As the central congregation has strengthened, outreach teams have been evangelizing by foot, often more than 60 minutes away, into the areas of Bulihan and Tubahan.  Congregations are now being formed in these areas.  What no man would have envisioned as the doors opened to Taysan some 13 yrs ago, God is now bringing to fruition. 


Last February, an FG mission was led by Pastora Marissa Francisco-Strauser. The focus of the said mission was to offer visitation and ministry to the church families, both in the home setting and in the church for worship and fellowship. 

For the weekend of February 13th, Pastora Marissa together with Pastors Jess and Riza Ikan of Cavite, visited the families sponsored through the FG Project 10-16 program.  They also  ministered to the couples of Taysan FG Church with a special ‘Love: God’s Way’ fellowship.

Baptism, The Word, and Boodle Fight!

Over the weekend of February 20th, Pastora Marissa was joined by Rose Anne Mendoza of the FG Office of Communications – Manila.  This weekend was a time of worship, giving the Word, baptism of 17 new adult and youth converts, and meeting with the Taysan PST & IMI students, all culminating with a great time of fellowship with a Boodle Fight serving – a feast on banana leaves – only as can be found in the Philippine tradition.  

 The People of God – “Some walked more than an hour..”

All praise is being given to our Lord for this time of fellowship with church leadership, congregants and ministry students.  In observation of her time with the Taysan FG Church, Rose Anne writes, “for me, it is very promising to see that the church is mostly led by younger people.  Attendees are from San Isidro, Bulihan and Tubahan.  Some walked for more than an hour to attend the services.  Their testimonies show how much God is working in each person and the church as a whole”. 

Receiving God’s Provisions

With the PST leadership training classes, now having been offered into Taysan and even beyond into Quirino and Laguna provinces, leadership is being raised up for the work of the Lord.  Under the senior leadership of Pastor Jess Ikan and his wife Riza and Pastora Melita Gabion, God is placing his call upon many of the next generation.  Nelly Ambatali, student of PST / IMI, has been commissioned to Ministry Coordinator, serving the pastoral team and working among the numerous other students of the church being groomed in the ministries of evangelism, outreach, children’s ministry, worship, education, pulpit and church helps. 

Property Acquired

Ecclesiastes 3:1 reminds all the children of God, “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.” Today is a new season for the ministries of Full Gospel Assemblies in Taysan.   After much prayer and labor in the work of the Lord, God has provided through the generous giving of His people, a property for a church building for the Taysan FG Church.  The land, which is located in the same barangay (village) area as the church has been meeting for the last 13 years, has been acquired. 

From an open air space on an abandoned property, to a fully equipped church building, God is making a way!  The vision is coming to pass, to God be all the glory!  Surveying and legal matters have begun for the church building project, under the attentive care of  Sharon Rioflorido.  On behalf of the congregation at Taysan FG Church, Pastora Marissa asks that “all God’s people now pray for the full provisions of God for this work of the Lord.  You may join in in support of this ministry today.  Giving may be directed to Full Gospel Assemblies (fgai.org), Philippine Missions.

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