PST / IMI Philippine Students Prepare for Post-Pandemic Classes

PST International Maranatha Institute students from throughout the Philippines have been under COVID-19 restrictions along with PST students throughout the U.S.A, Mexico, and Malawi. All are hoping to resume classes as restrictions are gradually lifted in their respective regions.

Just as the Psalmist wrote (Ps 42), ‘My soul thirsts for God’, so it is exemplified by the 63 Philippine students training for ministry at five campus sites. With each class of students, there is a hunger to be back in fellowship, supporting and encouraging one another as they train for the ministry that God is calling them to.

Let us pray in specific for each class and the class instructors, praying that each student will remain refreshed by the Word, as they study the scriptures throughout these days of travel and meeting restrictions. May the Holy Spirit speak to them, opening their heart and mind to the truth to be applied in their self study.

In southern Luzon, Pastora Melit Gabion and Pastora Riza Ikan lead the PST-IMI study group in Taysan, Batangas Province. Pastor Eric Antonio and Pastor Rommel Quinones are leading the study center classes in Cabuyao, Laguna Province located in southern Luzon. In northern Luzon, Pastor Antonio is facilitating classes at the most recently-opened location in Camiling, Tarlac province, two hours north of Manila. In the central western region of Luzon, Pastora Juliet Badong leads the study group in Maddela, Quirino Province.

By God’s grace, we are prayerful that the PST / IMI study center sites will be able to resume throughout the Philippines and around the world in the coming weeks providing for conclusion of spring 2020 classes and the opening of the 20-21 school year.

For a closer glimpse into the class settings throughout the Philippines, see the class photos below.

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