Thanks Be To Our Father

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord! Praise ye the Lord! (Ps. 150). Let everything – all of God’s creation, and much more the children of God, who have been given life and life more abundantly, who ought to praise the Lord with their whole heart, forgetting not all His benefits!

Many of you today, FG pastors, evangelists, and all the ministers of God, you are able to sing along with me the praises of God today. When you look to where you may have been, had it not been for Christ Jesus, lost and in sin, yet you have been pardoned, saved, healed, and delivered! His grace is sufficient! You have been raised up, a child of the Most High, called, and sent forth as lights in the world. Hold on to the word of life. Give forth the testimony of what God has done for you that all to whom you are sent will come to know Him as their savior and redeemer.

As you read through this issue, may God speak to you as you learn more of what God is doing as Full Gospel Assemblies stretches throughout America, Africa, Asia and into Latin America. In this season of giving thanks, let your joy be in the Lord. Rejoice with me today!

Chairman Simeon Strauser

Read our November 2019 newsletter here.

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