Youth Center To Open In West Newton, Pennsylvania

Renovations are currently underway in preparation for the opening of the Waypoint Youth and Community Center in the spring/summer of this year. Headed by Pam and Chris Morse, in partnership with the FG House of Faith congregation, this ministry is borne out of a collective vision to offer a support for middle-school and high school students of the West Newton Area. Sister Pam Morse, president of Waypoint Youth and Community Center writes,

“Our team desires to show the youth how to lead healthy lifestyles while serving a loving community which will stand alongside them as they grow.  We feel called to help our youth so they do not succumb to addiction as we know how tragic and devastating addiction truly is. Out of our passion to help the youth, the idea of Waypoint Youth and Community Center was born.”

Planned activities include Bible studies, worship nights featuring Waypoint Worship, career seminars and AA meetings. A ministry that will be all encompassing, providing support for a strong foundation in the Lord. Click here to visit the Waypoint Youth and Community Center Facebook page and see current updates from the project.

Waypoint Youth and Community Center is a joint-community project of the FG congregation House of Faith, led by Pastors Lisa and Conrad Duncan in West Newton PA. The project is, at the moment, entirely volunteer-run. Those who wish to send a gift towards this ministry may make their donations through Full Gospel Assemblies, earmarked for Waypoint Youth and Community Center. All donations will go toward the renovation, start up and furnishings expenses of the youth center.

To see this and other updates, download our Jan-Mar 2018 newsletter here.

1 thought on “Youth Center To Open In West Newton, Pennsylvania

  1. Thank you so much Men of God, you are doing a very recommendable job, for preparing the youths to become the good and responsible people to care for their communities. We are also waiting for you to transfer the same work here in Zambia – Africa. God bless you all. Oscar Kaoma, Samaritan Ministries Inc, Ndola Zambia Southern Africa.

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