FG Team Goes To Mexico

We give glory to God for the recent FG Assemblies mission into Mexico. Developments here in 2017 are the result of a number of years of ministry planting into Monterrey, Mexico and the surrounding areas led by Pastors Reginald and Narcedalia Licht (FG West – Spanish Regional Representatives).


From (left to right): Pastors Reginal Licht, Mike Plautz & Daniel Rivas, Chairman Simeon Strauser, Pastors Narcedelia Licht, Irma Diaz and Luis Campos at the June 22nd Ordination Service.

Being hosted by the FG Monterrey City congregation, Divina Gracia, the advance ministry team from Bluffview Center of Hope (WI), led by the Licht’s, held evangelistic services, personal ministry and house meetings beginning early June. Chairman Simeon Strauser then joined the FG team from June 20 – 23, presiding over the ordinations of Pastors Luis Campos, Irma Diaz and Narcedalia Licht, and the dedication service of the Divina Gracia church as a FG congregation. Chairman Strauser also met with leadership and representatives from area churches introducing the work of FG Assemblies, opening dialog for further growth of FG throughout Mexico, and for the establishment of a FG representation office in Monterrey. We give glory to God for the mighty works He has done!

To see this and other updates, download our July 2017 newsletter here.

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