Philippine Mission Update (August 2015)

Pastora Marissa Strauser arrived into the Philippines late Thursday 8/6. Saturday evening, Pastora was invited to speak with a classmate reunion, where she shared the gospel with a number of classmates making the decision for Christ as their Lord and Savior. To God be all the glory!

That first area of Philippine ministry was after a 31 hour trip to arrive there in the capital city of Manila. On route, Chicago to Seoul, Korea , Pastora was already placing the recent Christ’s Chapel witnessing training into action. She writes.. ”The lady in blue (left) accepted Jesus while we were on our flight to Korea. Notice she has the gospel bracelet that I used in sharing the Gospel to her. She had teary eyes after we prayed and was so grateful. She’s so happy confessing that Jesus is in her heart. Please pray for her to have strong faith and be able also to share it to others especially to her family.”

On Sunday, August 9, Pastora Marissa ministered at the growing Taysan Full Gospel Church in rural Taysan, 2hrs south of Manila. There the Sunday service drew a number of visitors with multiple decisions for the saving grace of our Lord Jesus.

After spending 5 days with family in celebration of her Father’s 90th birthday, Pastora Marissa will represent Full Gospel Assemblies in the areas of Quirino Province, Capiz, Davao and more!

Watch for more news coming your way. Read this and more updates in our August 2015 newsletter.

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