Matindi, Malawi Evangelized

Church of the Bride, under the direction of Pastor T. J.
Mapira began their first gospel meeting in the outreach area
of Matindi, Malawi fall of 2013. As many as 20 responded
to the call for salvation in a single meeting. To God be all
the glory! Pastor Mapira reports of those meetings…..
“there was much opposition in all the meetings!
Nevertheless, God always was able to give us breakthrough.
. . “ and a total of 42 souls responded to the gospel (in those
early outreach meetings). Along with the actual meetings,
the evangelists went door to door for house meetings. After
a whole day and night spent in prayer and fasting – crying
out for the lost souls-on Kanjoka Mountain, one woman
was baptized and God moved in miracles of healing and
deliverance as people suffering from different sicknesses
and diseases received prayer including some suffering from
asthma and even HIV/AIDS.”

Since those early days of evangelization to the Matindi
area, Pastor Mapira reports of extensive outreach to the
villages of Ling’awa, Harry, and the Chikwarwa and
Blantyre regions. Pastor writes…. Jesus said, “ Go and
make disciples.” The word that is translated “GO” in the
original Greek language is in a form that expresses great
urgency. Jesus meant to say “Get going! Do not delay!
Multiply until people of all nations, races, tribes and
languages know and follow Me!” The Bride of Christ
Ministries is being obedient to this God’s command.

The ministry of Malawi, led by Pastor Mapira, is an
example of Full Gospel Assemblies missions at work
around the world. Your continued support of missions is
helping to bring the gospel to the world!

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