Shiloh Bible Institute – 37 Years of Training God’s People

 – A Premier FG Institute Grooming Local Pastors and Ministers-

Shiloh Bible Institute is a three-year Bible school. The purpose and aim of the school is: 1. To produce able ministers of the gospel in all areas. 2. Our prayer is that every student be an asset and a blessing to the body of Christ, especially in their local church and  3, also that each student would carry out the great commission of Mark 16:15 -16 and Matthew 28:19-20.  4. We here at Shiloh are more concerned how much you grow rather than how much you know. 5 The purpose is that Jesus be seen in every believer and therefore souls would be saved as they believe in Christ Jesus.

The school began on February 7, 1984.  Through the many years, God has tested our faith and showed Himself strong, all that which we have ever needed, God has supplied.  Shiloh began in Avella, Pa and then moved to Washington, PA, The move to Washington Pa. was piece by piece. In 1994 we purchased a church and property of 2 1/2 acres. God provided all the finances for the purchase and all that was needed for the building. It has become our permanent place for the school and a church within.

The first graduating class had 7 graduates and subsequent years have ranged between 2 and 20. The Lord has always reminded us of Jesus multiplying the 5 loaves of bread and 2 fishes that fed 5,000 men plus women and children. Jesus takes these few graduates and multiplies through them in the giving of the gospel to a multitude. Through Shiloh, God has raised up pastors, evangelists, teachers, prophets, and missionaries with many working in their churches as deacons, elders, and assistant ministers.

Through the 37 years we have never lacked anything. When we had been down to nothing God’s provision always came on time.  No tuition or registration fees are charged.  Shiloh operates solely on free will offerings.  We are the oldest Bible school in Washington County of Pa. and all teachings are based on the Scriptures, with the Bible as our text.   Over the many years, God sends people that are hungry for His Word.  Newly saved, seasoned believers, pastors, and local ministers, all representative of various churches and denominations have studied with Shiloh.  Within Shiloh all are seen as fellow Christians – believers in Jesus Christ.

Whatever blessings and achievement that may come to this school and the advancement of God’s kingdom by the graduates is all because of the work of the Holy Spirit and the power of God. The only teaching that has any merit or success is done by the Holy Spirit for he is the teacher.  Therefore we give God all the praise and all the glory.  Our school song is “to God be the glory”. Additional information for Shiloh Bible Institute may be found at  I would suggest to you to: live in God’s Word, to live a life of prayer to God, and live in faith.  For then you will see and witness the hand of God moved through you to change lives for Jesus Christ.

Lord bless you,  Pastor Ed Popovich, Founder

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