Prepared for the Work of the Lord

“…a Diploma itself will not produce the desired fruits from us. We have to go out and bear fruits”. – Gresham Sumani, graduating student

The first batch of students of the Phrear School of Theology Malawi graduated with a Diploma in Biblical Studies on December 5, 2020 in Chilomoni Township, Blantyre City.  There were 12 pastors, 18 evangelists, two Sunday school teachers and 5 youth leaders among the 37 graduates. Bishops, pastors and church leaders came to celebrate this momentous occasion to send out newly equipped church leaders to different parts of their nation. 

Mr. Gresham Sumani, in his graduation address, recalled the challenges that the students faced because of the pandemic and the school requirements that they had to accomplish. Above all this, he shared his thankfulness that the studies strengthened his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and he has a deeper understanding of the teachings of the Word of God. Indeed, the Diploma in Biblical Studies is something to be proud of because the studies have now equipped them to be prepared vessels of God. So it is time to go out, evangelize and bear fruits!  Students are thankful for the opportunity for them to take and finish the courses through the partnership of generous givers to Phrear School of Theology, through the Full Gospel / PST Capital Program.  Knowing that there are many untrained leaders in the villages of Malawi, Mr. Sumani urged the Phrear School of Theology to continue to give opportunities for new students to study the Word of God and to reach neighboring nations such as Mozambique and Zambia! Being gathered on that graduation day and to be sent out by the Full Gospel Assemblies – Malawi church leadership are the rewards of their studies and labor. 
From all the Full Gospel Assemblies church family, we congratulate the new graduates! Give Today

Part of the Graduation in Malawi held last December 5, 2020.

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