Full Gospel Assemblies officially welcomed Minister Robert Fetty in a licensing and laying on of hands service held at Arise Christian Fellowship (ACC), Washington PA, April 7, 2019 led by ACC’s Senior Pastor Tim Lindsay. Minister Robert Fetty is a graduate of Shiloh Bible Institute (Washington, PA) and has been serving in music ministry, education and elder pastoral care since 2016. Together with his wife Lita, Reverend Fetty has most recently relocated to Rock Hill, SC, where they are seeking the Lord’s direction for the birthing of new ministry.

Daryn J. West of Mansfield, TX receives clergy recognition (Lic) with Full Gospel Assemblies. Daryn is active in community ministry, along with his wife Vanessa, to the greater Dallas area. A graduate of Lancaster Bible College (CUTS), Lancaster, PA, Minister West is a certified Biblical counselor with a heart for ministry to the urban youth. Daryn writes, ‘I want to make an impact in my community, town, city and state’, offering ‘counsel to to urban youth, while encouraging boys and men through transformational discipleship. My goals are to uplift an urban community with the love of Christ’.


FG Newsletter 06-19 Mexican States

Full Gospel Assemblies welcomes 5 new FG pastors from the Mexican states of Nueva Léon, Sinaloa and San Luis Potosí.

Pastor Noel Esau Lopez-Calderon and his wife, Pastora Rocio Martinez, currently pastor Jesus Is The Lord Church in El Carmen, Nueva León state, with a congregation that has grown from 30 to 100 congregants. Pastor Noel was born in Guatemala but has served as a missionary all over central America, including Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and even into California.

Pastor Francisco Javier Saenz Arias and his wife Maria Elena serve a mission outreach in Venado, located in the state of San Luis Potosí in Central Mexico. Their ‘house-to-house’ rural ministry reaches families in ranches and mountain communities that otherwise would not have ready-access to Christian churches.

Pastor Ismael Palafox Dominguez and his wife, Minister Ramona Aime Fonseca Urías, currently pastor a rural congregation in the mountains of Sinaloa, Mexico. They testify of the faithfulness of God amidst a challenging ministry environment and are determined to pursue His purposes in this mountain community.

To see this and other updates, download our Apr-Jun 2019 newsletter here.

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