Full Gospel Fellowship of Hazleton Presents Roadside Ministry – August 2010

sgPastor Eleanor Del Balso writes……. This is a holiday roadstop on Interstate 84, which is 50 miles away from our church, we are allowed to pass out Bibles, and tracks, and the Jesus movie in multi- language, as well as hot dogs, coffee, tea, hot choclate, buns and fruit…. we get to pray with people, our goal is not to increase our church, but to increase the Kingdom of God. Many have been led to the Lord along the roadside.

There are 30 people who work an 8 hour shifts. There are intercessors who come up and pray for people to be drawn to the tent….by the Holy Spirit……. We were there on Memorial day, and will be going up on Labor day.. and on I 81 north for Thanksgiving…. People really like ministering to those who stop by…sometimes its for prayer or just to talk… it is so awesome…to see the Lord move… people have stopped by and said you can feel the Lord here… some stay for a while and just sit…

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