Revival Brings Expansion: FGA – Mexico Revival Conference

The November 21 Full Gospel Assemblies – Mexico revival conference was held at the Jesus Christ is my Refuge Church in Novojoa, Sonora, bringing FG pastors and congregants together from this region as FG Assemblies continues to be introduced and expanded throughout Mexico. 

FGA-Mexico representatives Pastors Reginald and Narcedalia Licht report of the presence of God for this second conference of 2021.   They write and proclaim of the praises for the healing hand of God witnessed throughout the revival services.  By the grace of God, salvations, healings, and deliverances were experienced!  All to the glory of our Lord God!  The spirit of revival truly touched all in attendance. 

Hearts were changed by the power of the Holy Spirit as attendees placed their faith in Jesus Christ.  As the revival services were open to the community,  the power of God was experienced with great rejoicing as a tribe by the name of ‘the guarejillos’ came down from the mountains and settled into the services as the word of God was given!  As the word was preached, many a life was touched.  Praise be to the name of Jesus. 

As Full Gospel Assemblies broadens, stretching into the Sonora area and beyond, pastors are being challenged to prioritize evangelism, with followup discipleship of those who are hungry and thirsty for the word of God.  Another consideration and challenge of the pastors is leadership development to carry the needs of the growing church and public ministry.   They are continually praying for and nurturing those who hear the call to become involved with the mighty work that God is unfolding in their communities.  

Prayer Support is Needed

Full Gospel Assemblies – USA is devoted to working along with the FGA – Mexico leadership under the direction of Pastor Luis Campos of Monterey (FGA-Mexico Chair) for raising up new workers in the work of the Lord.  The commitment and urgency of attention is to provide for pastoral and ministry training opportunities through Phrear School of Theology (PST). The PST student body for the Spring 22 term includes nearly 20 pastoral and ministerial students serving FGA-Mexico ministries. God truly is raising up an army for his work!  

Here is a summary video with reflections of the November 21 revival conference.  May you see and feel God’s mighty move in Mexico as you watch this video.  Please join us in taking this work before the Lord in prayer.  Your giving into the FGA-Mexico ministry may be offered at    There is a great work unfolding, and it is a kairos (opportune) time!  

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