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The voice of him that crieth in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the LORD, 
make straight in the desert a highway for our God.  Isaiah 40:3

From the Office of Chairman Simeon Strauser

In the same manner that the Lord God spoke through the prophet Isaiah for the people of Israel, God is speaking into the Church of today!  By His voice, He shall bring comfort to his people (Is. 40:1).  To them who are called by His name, charged with the work of the kingdom, He is calling into His harvest (Mt.9:38).  

Calling all FG Clergy 

In this day, may all the servants of our Lord Jesus, make haste to labor with a heart of zeal.  May we heed the call, going therefore and making disciples of all nations in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit (Mt. 28), teaching that which our Lord Jesus commanded.

This October is a calling together of FG clergy and leadership – a preparing for the season of harvest ahead.  Our Lord God is leading in the path ahead as preparation is made for His miracle working power in our midst! 

Conference Topics and Breakout Sessions

‘Preaching the Pure Word of God’, ‘Standing for Christ in Challenging Times’, ‘Forging Ahead’, ‘The Post Pandemic Church’, and ‘Educating Leadership For Tomorrow’!  

Evening revival services will include ‘Laying on of Hands’ and anointing for FG clergy and PST graduation and student recognitions.

Come believing – you will return filled and renewed in the Spirit.

Captured by God’s Radiance – A Testimony of Transformation and Redemption

In the depths of darkness and solitude, I was captured by His radiance and I was brought to light.

Lyka Endozo

I am Lyka, a 24-year-old woman, currently living by faith, hope, and grace of the Lord. I was once a sheep gone astray but a good shepherd has found me, washed all my dirt, and secured me inside His fence. That good shepherd is Jesus.

Before my encounter with Jesus, I was living a life marching into darkness and going in the wrong direction. I was raised by my family, though with love, yet suffocating because of the corrupted principles and evil desires. Both my parents were gamblers, and my mother frequently got drunk and partied with her friends. My relatives on my mother’s side were the same and I witnessed their shameful works and lustful cravings. Those times, it felt like living in the midst of great chaos and I asked myself if there is anything that could break through this high wall that surrounded us. “Is there a possibility that things would be better?” These things in my childhood had a great impact on my growth, attitude, and principles I created. I became a liar, disrespectful to my parents, and selfish. With all this havoc in my life, I turned to education as my defense mechanism. During my childhood, I was the best among all. I exemplified excellence and achievements became my inspirations. During my elementary days, books were always what I held in my hand. I wanted to win. I wanted to overcome my classmates. I wanted to be recognized as “the best.” Wanting to be the best earned me no long-term friends. Even in the midst of companions, I always felt alone. In my family, I felt so distant even with my sisters. We always had fights. Despite my achievements, I was a big mess. The hole in my heart kept getting bigger.

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