Shiloh Bible Institute – 37 Years of Training God’s People

 – A Premier FG Institute Grooming Local Pastors and Ministers-

Shiloh Bible Institute is a three-year Bible school. The purpose and aim of the school is: 1. To produce able ministers of the gospel in all areas. 2. Our prayer is that every student be an asset and a blessing to the body of Christ, especially in their local church and  3, also that each student would carry out the great commission of Mark 16:15 -16 and Matthew 28:19-20.  4. We here at Shiloh are more concerned how much you grow rather than how much you know. 5 The purpose is that Jesus be seen in every believer and therefore souls would be saved as they believe in Christ Jesus.

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Why the U.S. Army Chaplaincy?

Dr. Ronnie R. Tejada, 2LT, CH, USAR Chaplain Shares with Us His Story

Ten years ago, during my freshman year attending the Bible School at Los Angeles, California, the Lord put a desire in my heart to serve in the military as a Chaplain. Before migrating to the United States, I worked onboard a cruise ship as a Deck/Technical Clerk. As the office administrator in our department, many crew members, both ratings and officers, would come to my office seeking assistance. I enjoyed helping other people even before I gave my life to Christ. However, while working on board, I went through the toughest years in my life. God restored me from brokenness and depression resulted from devastating divorce from my first marriage. The Lord truly is the God of Restoration!

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