God With Us


God with us. 

And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, And we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth.  John 1:14

To the family of God, colleagues and friends, both close and far, we send our heartfelt greetings today!

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Seeking God


From the Office of the Chairman:

psimeonstrauserIn this season of preparing the hearts of the people of God to offer thanks unto Him continually, we are reminded of the words of Eliphaz unto Job as recorded in Job 5:8-9. There we see the declaration ‘But as for me, I would seek God, And I would place my cause before God; Who does great and unsearchable things, marvelous things without number.‘

It is here that the child of God is encouraged to seek; to pursue the presence of God, and in humility place our daily cry before Him. It is in the midst of this cry that the child of God is reminded of the unsearchable greatness, the inexhaustible love and power of our Lord God, whose numerous blessings and promises are surpassing our full comprehension. His ways, His thoughts are not our our ways and thoughts. He is our Alpha and Omega, He is God and God alone!

In this season of giving thanks, as we witness His mighty hand of salvation, His healing and His mercy, let us rejoice! As ambassadors of our Lord Jesus, may we preach and teach, seeking Him, forgetting not (Ps. 103)all His benefits. Lord bless you and yours this Thanksgiving season!

Pastor Simeon Strauser

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“Unity of Faith” Program Released to FGA


Our brethren in Calvaryʼs Love Church in Springfield, MA, under the senior pastorship of Rev. Juan Feliciano have developed and implemented a training program designed for establishing new believers and growing the people as servants of God. The program, titled “Unity of Faith” is a multipliable tool, so that those who have undergone it will be equipped to turn and train others themselves.

Full Gospel Assemblies is now making this program available to all FG affiliate and partner
congregations for immediate review and use. The 31 lesson – program manual is available as needed for the expansion of the Kingdom! To access & download this invaluable resource and more, visit our Resources page.

Many thanks to the Calvaryʼs Love Church and author James Labrecque for their labor of love for the body of Christ!

JSGO Moves To New Van Nuys Facility

Jesus is Supreme Global Outreacha FGA in Los Angeles County, California is happy to announce that the church has acquired new facilities at 7754 Balboa Blvd, Van Nuys, CA. After utilizing limited shared worship space for a number of years, the church is looking ahead to the many doors of opportunity for community ministry as the new facility is exclusive for JSGO ministries 24/7!! Pastor Ronnie Tejada reports the facility is ample with sanctuary, fellowship and classroom space.

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